Sunday, June 23, 2013

213: Bright Sun

Most of you probably have seen some of my post with music that's not so much known and/or singers that you must've not been so popular. I realized that I am so much into indie pop now-a-days. It's just so refreshing listening to this genre, because they are so far from today's hit songs. It's tough to find good indie songs because they are not commercialize, that it's either you dig them through the indie-pop genre streaming websites or get a recommendation from indie-pop-loving people. I get mine through recommendations and by listening to streaming websites on that genre, so it's mostly a testing what fits my taste.

I'm still a newbie of this genre but I'm getting into it. I hope you'd like the collection I made:

// Gone - Matt Nathanson
// Youth - Daughter
// Take it from Me - the Weepies
// For Emma - Bon Iver
// Scissors - Eight and a Half
// Over the Love - Florence and the Machine
// Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey
// Love Love Love - Avalanche City
// Ships in the Night - Matt Kearney
// Stay - Tully on Tully

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