Saturday, March 1, 2014

245: Just a Few More Practice - On Playing Golf

In one of my posts here I have written about being a goal-nut. It was one of my goals to learn a new sport (learned how to swim last year) and I have chosen to learn about playing golf.

To say, I have started playing golf (but only puttering) when I was a kid. My father brought home some golf clubs from Japan. I started playing putter at home with a plastic cup as the hole. I wanted to be a golf player then, but time went by and this dream was forgotten.

So, I thought about playing golf (among other sports I have thought) and you cannot imagine how far I've gone out of my comfort zone right after. You see, my family are non golf playing people (yeah despite the fact that my father brought home some clubs!) So if I'll play golf I'll have to do it on my own.

First thing that I did: was to purchase some golf clubs. To tell you, golf clubs are incredibly EXPENSIVE. But with the help of some online searching I was able to find some second hand golf clubs. Then, I contacted the South Point Driving Range at Alabang and got myself trained by a pro.

The time arrangement that I have with the pro was 9:00AM. I went there wearing my loafers, a polo shirt, and my handbag. Went I got there man, the line in the driving range were full of men. All of them looking professionals or businessman. There was some kids but they were with their business-looking-fathers. I totally looked so out of place.

But I already have signed the deal so even if I look so out of place, so different from my skin I -- pursued. Even now I still feel out of place whenever I go to a driving range. First, I don't drive (still going to enroll myself on a driving school) so I basically have to walk there with my 1 or 2 irons on my backpack (because obviously I do not want to walk around dragging a humongous golf bag with me).

But I keep on remembering Eleanor Roosevelt's quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." And I think that quote had continue to push me to do something whenever I feel small. :)

Here I am playing golf
By the way, if you want to play golf send me an email, so I can finally play with other golf-ladies too!

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