Sunday, March 30, 2014

250: I am Traveling Alone!

I'm Traveling Alone!
On my last entry: take me to the beach, I have ranted about being so stressed out and how much I needed some space because of all this real-life pressures that has been going on. Out of boredom that night, I started just browsing places where to go and before I knew it I am bound to Boracay this May.

The funny thing is I got myself book without any plans, and I actually feel good about it. You see, it has always been my plan to travel alone but I was just delaying because I didn't like the uncertainty of going on my own. I know others would think it's crazy, but I have read a few blog entries who actually have traveled alone and even recommended it (read: here, here). Plus, my friend also went to Korea alone and encouraged me to do it.

If you ask me what's my reason why I want to travel alone it's because I want to get to know myself better. I have been doing things alone, going to places (albeit locally) just by myself and realized that I am comfortable without a companion. It also feels good because I am able to think clearly of the things that I am doing. I thought why not try to do it for a few days?

Right now, I was looking for places to stay, and what to do and budge my funds. I am glad that I am progressing. I'm actually very excited! Seriously, thinking about it, makes me feel so liberated. I'll try to get to know some locals and some visiting tourists there. I'll pray for a very productive vacation and a very wonderful trip.

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