Monday, March 24, 2014

248: Take me to the Beach

In one of my bucket list for this 2014, I've planned to be able to go to a beach alone. The reason why I chose the beach is because it was always my go to place for relaxing. I'm particular to sunset, and the sound of the waves dancing on the shore.I'm not sure why, but the combination of this two just relaxes the hell out of me.

The past few days had been really taxing. First, there's the issue at home. I do not really want to dwell on the problems at home because I guess everyone has it. It's just that it has been really stressing lately. But the only thing that really gets me is when I see my mother gets so affected with the family issue.

Man, it breaks my heart to see my mom cry. I find it so cheesy and uncomfortable comforting people. I'm not really used to it. But seeing my mother cry just pulls the strings on my heart. There would be moments that when I console my mom, and embrace her I realized how much I love her. I think I could not love her more than I could love anyone in this world.

I'm not really sure why some people takes the people they love for granted? Or why do people hurt the people they 'love'? It's just so ironic and so cruel. I'm not sure but for the life of me, I've never have hurt anyone I have ever loved. I mean, if I can, I just want to make them happy. That's it. I'm not sure why others would drag the people they love for unnecessary drama, or say something so cruel to hurt them. It's weird, it's crazy!

Anyway, the second reason, is because I want a space for me to be able to write. I've been writing lately but the toxicity of the pressure that I have in my job, the goals I have to aim, my obligations just messes up on my mind. I'm finding it hard to write without being distracted.

HAHAHA, okay, I know you guys have read that most of my post are always 'encouraging', 'brave', or 'inspiring', but I hope you do not mind my almost depressing entry. I just need a breather. I'm still hanging in there and far from losing my sanity, but like the obligatory Cate-Blanchett-Blue-Jasmine .GIF, I (just) need some space. 'mkay?

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