Sunday, March 9, 2014

246: Turned 25!

Oh God. Run Faster Run!

Oh my God I just turned 25.

I literally had blurted this out the moment that I have realized that my clock had struck 12 o'clock earlier and my cellphone beeped greeting me "Happy Birthday". I'm not sure how others felt about their birthday. Yes, a huge feeling others probably felt is being grateful (which I am too -- by the way). Next, is the excitement you have people's attention. And a few numbers more.

But if you ask me, one of the feelings that came to me right after being grateful is the sense of hurry when I realized that 5 years from now, I'll be thirty. Oh my God, indeed.

I'm not sure if there's any rules on how to live their 25th life. But when you are the type of person who has certain goals --- like me every year is an added pressure. Don't get me wrong, the pressure is good. It just tells me to do more and to exert a few miles for my dreams and aspirations.

You might wonder why I exert that much effort? An acquaintance even once said that I shouldn't really shoot for the stars because it's my future husband who's going to do that for me. I was taught on a all girls school where we were taught to be independent. I have learned that I cannot put my faith on my future on someone else's hands. If I want a better life, I have to create one.

Happy 25th self.

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