Tuesday, March 1, 2011

27: Lessons from The King's Speech

First and foremost, I want to congratulate The King's Speech as they bagged the Oscars. Second, to Colin Firth ... my crush of the moment. hahaha! Anyway there's a lot to learn in this movie: Humility, courage, loyalty, and trust. I like what I had seen in the movie and what it had taught me. King George VI's courage was sublimely inspiring because though he had a trouble speaking, it never became a hindrance for him to take the position of a King. He may have doubts and felt uncertain in taking the position, but he regarded his responsibility higher than his fear.

Queen Elizabeth's love and faith was also inspiring. She stood beside him and helped him throughout his ordeals. If not for her unwavering faith that his stuttering can be cured, he wouldn't be healed.

Lionel Logue's perseverance and trust in him is evident the moment King George took a step in his office. I also like how he did not back down and became too accommodating because he is King George. He took his stand and laid down his rules. I like that he was not intimidated but rather treated the King as his equal. He may not be qualified as a true Speech Therapist but his love towards helping was enough to qualify him.

The way Lionel had treated King George made King George subconsciously trust him. Thus, the reason why King George does not stutter that much when he talks to Lionel.

I was touched that Lionel was not discouraged when King George walked away from him. Instead of feeling ignored and mad when he had been dismissed so suddenly, he still came to him as a real friend. It had reminded me of how friends should be.

It had taught me to become of their character ... and I am going to be as such.

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