Tuesday, January 10, 2012

115: What is life

I took a break and decided to write while I'm in the mood. 

*sigh*, there's something that I have been thinking and though this thought have crossed my mind not once nor twice but rather quite constantly I might as well write it here. Though, I have to warn you that this entry might have have been already written in the past. 

You see, I am still nagging myself of how much I let life pass me by. It feels like I am missing what life really is. But on contrary (just to be contrary) what life is all about? Is it by me sitting in this fancy building working during the night and earning a decent salary or is it the kind of life that those people probably in Republic or Opus are doing at the moment? Is life all about mothers singing lullaby to their sons/daughters at night? You know what life really is?

To me, my definition of life is being able to experience things we never have experience. Life is colorful.

Life had been incredibly dull for me for a while. I mean, most (mark the word, MOST) of my free time were spent taking rest and if I'm not taking a rest I spend my time working. I just want to go out of there and see the world. Take a free fall towards the deepest sea. Eat the spiciest curry. Laugh with strangers. Be passionately in love with someone. Be reckless. Be wild. Be life. 

Can I just break free from this cocoon and just be me?

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