Sunday, January 15, 2012

120: Finally, Renner and Weisz!

not my picture; taken on twitter
Finally! Remember my last post that where in I have said that I was planning to watch the shooting of Bourne Legacy? Finally it happened.

And finally I have seen Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner.

No pictures though because the security there was tight as hell. I was able to pull out my cellphone  but then again the security there scolded me and told me not to take pictures. So, despite of how much I wanted to take a picture of just either Rachel and Jeremy, I was not able to.

I literally spazzed out when I saw Rachel! She had her back on us but when my friend and I spotted her, we both blurted out "OHMYGAD that's Rachel" and yeah seconds later she turned around, thus confirming our super wild guess. It was so easy to spot Rachel despite the fact that there were too many female foreigners who were also wearing a black tank top as Rachel. But I guess that's what being a fan is, being able to recognize the celebrity even only their back.

To let all of you know *yeah like as if, haha* , she was so!@%^%#*@(*&(*&@@ pretty! I was totally starstruck! I think I just fell in love with her a little more than I should. haha! OMG. I. Am. Still. Spazzing. ♥

Anyhoo, we stayed at the location for 3 hours and you cannot imagine how tough it was to be on the position where we could see the actors/actress and cower every now and then just so the location guards would not shoo us from where we stood. If not for the ukay-ukay store where we stood we won't be able to see them. We kept on pretending like as if we were buying every time a guard would bark for people not to loiter and hang around. 

The whole adventure was exhausting but at the end of the day, after seeing Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner, after finding difficult spots just to see them, and after standing for three hours we awarded ourselves with Ronald McD's cheeseburger and fries. Thus, all exhaustion was forgotten. The giddy feeling of being a fangirl was satisfied.

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