Saturday, July 7, 2012

156: On Self-Commitment

"Come on, you promised."

"But what am I suppose to write?"

"Well, I don't know. Why don't you just sit in front of your laptop and just start on something… Anything. I'm sure something will come out of it."

"But what if there's none?"

"Something will."

"augh, I'm sort of tired."

"You had enough sleep. Just go! Think of your commitment. If you break this you'll be breaking another."

Can you believe that that communication transpired between me and ... myself ... inside my head. HAHAHA. Seriously! You see I have promised to myself that every week, every weekend I need to publish an entry. Unfortunately, just right after I woke up I didn't have that enthusiasm of writing. I thought about giving it up for today. I told myself that I could do it tomorrow. But I felt that if I start breaking this promise soon enough I will be breaking others. 

But alas! Talking to myself and reminding myself that I need to stay true to my commitment won.

So here I am writing. Finally! And I actually feel good about it. 

Despite of how much I wanted to practice staying true to my commitments there will still come a time that something will pull me back. There will be a lot of external and internal factors that will lead me to failing on my supposed self-promises. But actually thinking about it, and telling myself that I need to get it accomplished helps me.

My friends asked me that they like how productive I could be for the whole day. I tell them that it's not easy because there will always be something that I have to battle with in order for me to get something accomplished. But being decisive that I have to do it; that I need to do this, that there will be no room for procrastination drives me to achieve my goals. #BeatProcastination #ToProductivity

There will be a lot of ways in how someone could get something done (I mean isn't that supposed to be a personal style? - haha), in how a person could battle procrastination and laziness. But I believe that it really starts with that firm decision that we will stick to our commitment (no matter what's the cost) will help us accomplish our goals.

So start making small commitments and stay true to that commitment and after a month or so I believe we could accomplish something great.

To productivity!

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