Saturday, July 21, 2012

159: Learning to Ride a Bike and On My Blog's Future

Hihihi, I am happy that I am able to post this Saturday night. If you want to know, I am really sleepy at the moment but then I wanted to get this entry published,  because I have the spirit. I guess. :p

Anyway, my friend had asked me about this blog and she asked why I even bother since no one seems to be reading my entries. My friend had a point, why would I even bother blogging/writing about entries that I think no one ever reads? I told her that I certainly believe that maybe one percent or probably a point something percent stumbles here in my blog and the chances of having that audience read an entry means everything to me. Plus, I am doing this because I love writing, inspiring, and motivating. So I am doing this for my passion. :)

With regards to that, I decided to make an official Love, Leah blog. That place will be where I will dump my entries, articles on the net, blog entries I found on the net, videos created by others, and/or anything that I think would fit my Love, Leah mission/vision. I think doing that would at least fit everything. Not unlike at this page where my entries does not connect to my very past personal entries. hahaha!

You know, if there's anything that I want to share at this time it's the story of how I learned to ride my bike. 
To say, I love bicycles! I love how I see kids ride their bikes. It always gives me an impression that having a bike would take me to places. So, it was one of my dreams to learn how to ride a bike. I got a bike when I was a kid, but then my bike had training wheels. When I broke that bike, my parents did not get me one again. I was already on my 5th grade when my dad bought our mountain bike. So you see I am basically inept in riding. But I knew it was an opportunity for me to make my dream come true. So, I decided that I will start learning to ride a bike again even without training wheels. Gulp!

As expected, my first ride was bad. Ugly bad. I keep on falling on the ground. It was hard because I was small for our mountain bike that if I fell I wouldn't be able to use my legs as a support. So most of the time I end up injuring myself. 

But since I wanted so badly to learn how to ride it, I kept practicing. I rode my bike every day despite of the injuries that I get. I keep on telling myself that I'm sure I'll do better next time, and until one day ... I did. I no longer have to find a support (I always use our gate so I ride our bike so pretty close in our gate) and I was riding .... and I felt like I was flying. Yes, it took me to places. It made me feel the wind against my face. It was freeing. I loved how it felt when I realize that I was riding! I cannot explain the incredible happiness that I felt when I was riding so far without stopping.

Learning how to ride my bike was one of the most essential lesson I have learned in my life. I realized that if I wanted something so badly, regardless of the hard work and the pain ... it wouldn't stop me. Because I know I am determined to achieve it.

To determination!

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