Sunday, July 29, 2012

160: I am not stopping!

Almost failed to post today. If there's a reason why I am going to fail to post today is the fact that I am feeling depressed and frustrated. *sigh* What's depressing at the moment is the fact that my projects that I have been proposing to people I know seems to be unaccepted. I mean, the thing is I have been sharing to them the ideas that I have ... yet they are somehow turned down. Or if not turned down, they were left hanging. They agree, yet no action was taken. I feel bereft and definitely scattered, because I am clinging to my ideas and hope but I don't know how I could ever start. I could not identify what I am missing. There's something wrong within my strategy as to why my ideas keep on falling apart. 

If you want to know no ... I haven't given up on my ideas yet. I just have a hard time executing them rightly. There's something wrong with what I am doing or with the actions that I have taken or with my plans. All of these challenges might be taking my time but I believe that despite the fact that I couldn't act fast, or I couldn't execute my ideas as fast as others, I know the struggles will be worth it. Besides, if I continue doing it ... I know I will attract all the things that I need. Then, everything will fall into the right place.

To perseverance!

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