Sunday, July 15, 2012

158: Conquering Myself


I almost failed to post today. But I didn't, which I think what matters most. :p haha! Anyway, I am writing about self-discipline today. You have to know that this is what I have been practicing lately. You see, one of my target is to buy Panasonic Lumix GF3 which costs 21+++K. I know I can buy it within my month's salary but I have decided to save 4K per month (5K on the last month). I wanted to have that camera so badly because I want to take blogging on another level, and having this camera would help me achieve that. But there are things that I have to consider before even considering on splurging. Hence, at this moment I have been repressing my being impulsive (It's hard, very very hard).

My impulsive self  wanted to splurge and just buy it. But buying it would mean that I have to skip giving a certain percentage of my salary to my parents, cheating on my monthly savings, and etc., which I cannot do. I know my parents would understand, and I know I can pass on savings, but I told myself that I have committed on those so skipping for a month was not an option. Plus, that would mean that I am breaking my commitment. Right? :))

Controlling myself lead me to realize this: disciplining myself is hard. But the reminder that I have to continue doing what I have started on (sort of -- okay I'm not yet used to it), alleviates my dampening mood.

You might wonder why dampening mood? Dampening mood because I'm telling you it's hard. I wouldn't deny that not buying what I wanted the most at this moment (knowing I can) sort of depresses me. But I believe practicing this self-control ~ despite how it makes me feel ~ would lead to better results in the future. It has to lead on something beautiful. I know and I believe it. So yes, delayed gratification for me at this moment. But it will be worth it. :)

To Conquering ourselves!

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