Wednesday, September 12, 2012

171: Oops.

I actually missed a post last weekend for my weekend #betterfuture project. To be honest, I intentionally did not write anything last weekend because of reasons. I do not want to start making excuses for myself why I did not post, but I just didn't. Circumstances and the fact that I had been investing my weekend thinking made me skip writing. But I'll go back writing this weekend and I finally have an *idea* what to write about. It's about something that I had been thinking for the past several days. I hope it's relatable. :)

Anyways for the past few days I had spent more time watercoloring and (finally!) really do something. I love that I never ran out of things to do during weekend. It's the only time that I work on personal stuffs. I do this because my weekdays are consumed with me working and taking a rest. So, I am really happy that I am productive during weekends. Besides, it's also the only thing that keeps me working towards my *personal* goals.

To share to you some of the things I did, here they are:

I align my monthly goals to my themes. For this month, my theme's called: September Sunrise.
I named it "Sunrise" because this month I encountered a lot of new things.
Sunrise is just a perfect reminder of new beginnings for me.

The rubber stamp I made using eraser! I always wanted to have my own stamp so 
I carved this little eraser that I have with my initials. It did not come out bad as I thought it would be.
Plus, it's not hard to do. I also made a batman logo stamp right after I realized that I can do it.

I'm telling you, my planner is amazingly filled with "stuffs".  It's filled with drawings and colors.
I started vandalizing it and it was fun. I like that I am putting a touch of myself on my planner. 
Oh btw, the one on top was also done on my planner. Coolness right?

Okay, so that's it for me for now. I'll be back this weekend. Ciao.

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