Sunday, September 16, 2012

172: Of Persistence

So last week I was not able to post anything about my #BetterFuture project. The thing is I had been spending time really contemplating. Currently, I am reading John Maxwell's Put Your Dreams to the Test and I swear every time I progress on the book it never fails to make me think about my life. I love how detailed the book is about what we want to accomplish in life, how to accomplish it and how to live our dreams. The thing is I always had been confused with what I really want in life, maybe it's because I grew up depending on people deciding for me. I never took responsibility of my life. I lived on people's expectation, on my family's standards, until I lost myself along the way. But like I always said there's nothing too late. So now I happy that with the books that I am reading, it allowed me to look inside myself. And it made me discover what I am born to do. :)

What I have discovered is how I love arts. So yes, lately I had been spending time honing myself in that area. And although I encounter a lot of challenges and numerous frustration I keep on telling myself not to stop. Seriously, sometimes when I start watercoloring and or doing arts it never fails to make me nag myself that I couldn't get the result that I have inside my head. Then, the frustration will set in. But although I have all those negative feelings I am telling you, those negative feelings helped me to drive myself to be a better artist. Plus, the thought that one day I'll be best in this area if I keep on doing it just excites me. This quote, gave me hope that one day I'll be an expert too.

I started to appreciate persistence and the power it has if we live in it. I really believe that it's right that we are born to be winners if we are persistent, if we do not allow ourselves to give up and just continue pursuing what we want in life despite challenges. Passion will bring us success.

I am still in progress and still continue learning about myself about my passion but I am persistent to reach my peak. I hope this for you too.

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