Sunday, September 2, 2012

169: Be Curious.

"Curious Weekends" I declared to my friend who I was sharing the idea with. I told her that I wanted to  re-do my blog and make a significant address. I thought that the ohmyhael is a little too personal and does not have any theme at all. So I opted to go with "Curiousweekends". My friend had asked why curious weekends, I told her that since I work during the night and that my days are spent sleeping, getting ready and travelling to work I only had the chance to be personally productive during weekends. Thus, it's only the days that I was able to work on the things that I am curious about. 


I have mentioned before that I am a perpetual thinking/wondering machine, so yeah most of my waking  time during weekdays were spent thinking with what, how, why and then I wonder about the things that I need to know/do in order to execute that thought or try that thought. So while I was brainstorming with her, I thought that curious weekends just seems right. 

I think there's a magic with curiosity because it led me to expand my experience and learn where else lies my strengths and weaknesses. My curiosity was inspired by Albert Einstein. Knowing a little of his background, taught me that Albert was able to discover things out of his curiosity. I am not intelligent but I am intensely curious on things. When I get curious, I read and learn about it. This had made me expand my knowledge on few things. Which was helpful for my personal development. 

I believe that if we continue to be curious and do something out of nothing, we'll be able to get to know ourselves more. We learn our strengths, weaknesses, potential (hidden) talent, and etc.,. Maybe it's just time for us to broaden our horizon and explore things we have not yet explored. 

please only be curious on things that would personally contribute to your growth. Don't explore things that you think would destroy you. :p ~ disclaimer. haha.

To Curiosity,

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