Thursday, April 21, 2011

47: Lose that fat!

I've been mostly frustrated with my weight.

When I started working, eating seems to become our past time. We eat when we take a break, we eat when we're bored, and eat while we work.

Basically, eating is becoming a habit when we work.

I think you really cant blame us. You see we work at the most ungodly hour! So sometimes eating keeps us alive.

But now, I'm trying to change habit. The reason why I decided to change is because when we went to the beach last week, I saw pictures of myself. Boy, I was disgusted with how I looked. 

So I kept that picture to remind me of what I ought to do: Lose that FAT!

While browsing through this forum, someone recommended Leslie Sansone to me and I thought I'd check it out. Her workout style is brisk walking. Upon watching, it came to me that it's not that exhausting and it looks fun. So then and there, I started doing her workout.

Man, you can't believe that after 5 days, I lost 4 lbs!

Now, I am happy that I have discovered about her workout video because all I have to do is to watch and workout with her so I can get into my ideal shape. I know I am heading there as I am dedicated that I want to head there. I am seriously happy that her video had helped me losing what I wanted to lose.

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