Monday, April 18, 2011

44: Can't Sleep

Last Saturday I did not have my usual 9-10 hours sleep after my shift (my shift ends; Saturday 5AM since I am working in a night shift time, following Pacific Time). I only slept for 4 and half hours. I slept around 9 AM right after I did a workout in my room. But my sleep got disturbed because my brother was watching on his portable DVD in a loud volume.

During the afternoon I was sort of expecting that sleep would come to me, but to my surprise it didn't. I feel energized. I thought it was okay because I know that sleep might get to me anytime soon, pero unfortunately, it didn't. I think I only slept for 5 hours.

I woke up 3 AM earlier and went to mass around 6AM. After attending the holy mass, I know I would be napping every now and then because I know I did not get long hours of sleep last Saturday but for some reason I didn't. I did not take a morning nap nor did I take my usual afternoon nap because I went to the salon.

Around 5 PM I decided to force myself and take a nap. I did but nanay Inday woke me up 6:30 PM to have dinner. Then, I slept past 10 PM only to wake up past 12 midnight. And now? I am wide awake.

I am bothered that I am not getting my long hours of sleep. What is happening?

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