Monday, April 18, 2011

45: Mind's at race

Regarding my last entry: Can't Sleep

There's a reason why I am wide awake at this time. I am wide awake because my mind is at race. There are few things that I want do, I want to accomplish. Like: I should start blogging seriously, swimming along the tiger sharks at Manila Ocean Park, take a chance at this height enhancer that I am eying (and practically being paranoid of its side-effects and the what-if's), sending an email to Brad, the clothes I want to buy, paying my dentist soon, my savings, when should I start saving for my travel plans, buying Panasonic GF1 and if I should ever take a photography class, paying doc 6F a visit soon, and taking an action in my charity case.

My mind has a life of its own, but whenever my mind starts working crafting thoughts it titillates me in making an action and how it excites me to see the results.


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