Sunday, April 24, 2011

49: Future perfect

Back from the grave. 

That's what I should tell myself after a long time of being hiatus. I can't say that I am totally back here but I'm hoping that from time to time I will be able to update this blog. The reason why I don't usually update here is because I update like nuts in twitter

Well A LOT of things had happened in my life. From being hired in this multi-national, multi-million dollar company, to being back in communication with the guy from the past; All in span of 3 months. I know I can't write everything. But to make it short for you, just think that life was in a whirlpool everything happening so fast that I cannot grab on any handle to keep myself from spinning out of control too. So, yes I get into trouble, I had fun, I laughed, and the usual human nature experience. That's it. Nothing extreme, just the usual human experience in life. All mixing together in a whirl.

But you know what's amazing? I know this journey that I am on in just heading me somewhere brighter. I know; I just can feel it. Future is going to be amazing.

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