Monday, August 27, 2012

168: Holding On to His Promise

For the past few days I have exhausted my time trying to hone my skills in drawing, writing, and watercoloring. Spending time trying to be better in this area is just fulfilling. Though, I must admit that I had ups and downs, hits and miss. Sometimes I get incredibly impatient and frustrated because I don't get the outcome I was expecting, but I believe if I just continue practicing, I will eventually excel in them.

So in order for me to be better in them I thought that I'd practice every week, as long as my time permits. Then, learn from the expert by joining workshops or enrolling myself in a short class. ✔

Anyway, for the past few days I have been a recluse. I find it very calming because it gave me time to think about what I want to happen in my life for the next few years. I'm telling you, I am a perpetual thinking machine. I love ideas, thoughts, and plans. So, during my time of being alone I was able to contemplate and really thought about my life. I must say that thinking about my life and my life in the future took my emotions in different levels. It was all a mixture of sadness, frustration, excitement, and longing.

But even though I had felt sad, I focused on what I could achieve few years from now and it made me excited. I thought that if I just continue doing what I am doing, be good at what I do, remain faithful, keep the attitude, and trust God that He has wonderful plans laid out for me, the future will be good.

* HAHA, you know what ... up until now, I still have that feeling ... that mixture of feeling of longing of life, of the sense of hope for a better future, but I don't know maybe it's because of where I am right now, or maybe because I am just so frustrated with my artworks, or maybe it's because I'm PMSing ... but it's okay, this will pass. Emotions is a passing moment, it will eventually be gone.

what I had been doing, practicing drawing and drooling over Robert Downey Jr.
Sorry for the sucky phone camera. 

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