Sunday, March 3, 2013

195: Birthday Month!

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What do you look forward to this month? Seriously, I never had an exciting month as far as I can remember. You see, first, March is my birth month. I usually dread it ~ not because I'm ungrateful ~ but because of the obligatory birthday celebrations. I must admit, I'm heck stingy so yeah I feel obligated treating everyone I knew. Plus, I'm a trying hard entertainer! I feel like I have to entertain every guest I have, in which is one of my weakest. I know you must think, why give in? The thing is I feel bad about not celebrating ... so yeah, March usually is a love/hate month for me.

But this month, is one of my firsts! This is the first time that I will be going out of the country on my own! It's actually a bit of a surprise. I thought that my sister would accompany me going to Singapore, when I had booked everything for myself, she then announced that I'll be on my own. You cannot imagine how much I have ranted about going out of the country on my own.

Honestly, going out without a company is a little intimidating considering that I easily get threatened to unfamiliarities. But since I've been telling myself to 'go, enjoy life at its fullest' I thought why not. It will be a heck of an adventure to travel alone. It must be.

Aside from my travel adventure, I took the opportunity to join my sister's Worldventures travel club. I'm not much of a travel geek but then travelling seemed to be essential in our life. If I really wanted to rally discovery and exploration in my life, travelling the globe should be in my top list. Who knows, I might end up being a travel writer. That sounds good, right? And going out of the country every now and then, enjoying the different environment should be good for my soul. So why not?

I've never been this excited looking forward to my birthday celebration, because I can feel there's a lot of things to discover ... a lot of things to look forward to come my 24th birthday.

So you my faceless reader, have you tried going out of the country on your own? If you do, what are you experiences? Let's talk!

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