Friday, March 15, 2013

198: It's a Celebration!

I have an amazing birthday celebrations. CELEBRATIONS. You can't imagine how incredibly happy I was during those moment, and by those moment I wished that the day never ended.

I know I have ranted that I have a hate/love relationship with my birth month because I feel obligated treating everyone I know. I have to say, this month may have been quite taxing when it comes to budgeting (considering that I have to throw 3 different celebration and a foreign trip), but I have no regrets. The happiness that it had brought me was priceless.

In my life, I have never celebrated my birthday and I'm glad that I did this time. Besides, the feeling of utter bliss, I feel loved.

On my 1st celebration, I celebrated my "birthday salubong" with my college best buddies. We've hanged out on my friend's condo, watched a movie, and ate at Mercato (Boni high). The laughter we've shared never gets old. How many times have we talked about our college memories, and yet we always end up laughing at it? - Always. We had a good time together, and it's just then that I realized how much we missed each other's company. I can't wait for another get-together. :)

Second, was a date with my good friend, Ruby. Ruby is one of my wonderful friends, she always has a story to tell. I never get bored when I am with her. And she makes it a point that we meet before I take my vacation. hehe! For two hours, we never stop blabbing. hahaha.

Third, was a celebration that was held in the office. A Hat themed party! It was fun. But it could have been more fun if we were able to push through with parlor games (I think!) but it was fun nonetheless. My amazing friends: Oskie, Tin Tin, and Issa and the rest of my teammates were kind and amazing enough to help me throw a memorable party. 

And you know I don't want to sound trite, but indeed: happiness is priceless. I have - no doubt - would go back paying and celebrating my birthday over and over again. Thanks to my wonderful friends because it would have never been that amazing without them.

BTW, first mission accomplished: I wore and started wearing dress. I wore a dress on my birthday celebration hahaha! :)

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