Thursday, March 8, 2012

134: the strongest attraction I felt for the past few years

Do you ever believe in attraction at first sight? ~ because I simply do.

This is not the 'you find the person handsome/pretty at first sight and an instant like' nor the 'wow you are so hot i want to sleep with you' but rather the kind of feeling where in the moment you saw the person, you felt an intangible pull? The kind of feeling that you got suddenly so attuned of the person for unknown reason?

I cannot help but to grin and unconsciously tuck my hair behind my ear when my sister and I met this financial advisor for the investment that I am planning to buy. He's not actually that very handsome. He is rather a regular guy. But when he came in his blue crisp long sleeves, with black square patterned necktie, and shook our hands, I was charmed. Undeniably charmed.

While he was discussing investments with my sister (they are both in financial world, so they talk about technical stuff), I was observing him: He was neat, smelled great (he's not using a musky perfume! Thank God), his nails are neatly trimmed, and he was wearing a conservative silver watch. Quite a gentleman, and never boring. Plus, I thought his pre-matured gray hair suits him very well. I can absentmindedly listen to him talk about bonds, equity, and market all night long and stare at him and see if I can catch those lurking smile every now and then.

My ...

My God. I'm in trouble.

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