Monday, March 26, 2012

139: the 'little' late.

All the smoothness
"Will be a little late. Thank you"

Late. Will be a little late. I wondered how 'little' is the 'little late' will be. I always have problem with people with punctuality issues because first and foremost, the fact that you come late tells me that you give a 'little' to no respect of my time. I sighed and laid and my head against Starbucks' glass pane while clutching my cellphone hoping it's his neck that I am clutching.

Though, his tardiness should have pissed me off I got relieved by the fact that I will have more time to compose myself and to gather my wits before he arrive. I pulled out my planner and started to doodle until I almost filled one page of my planner. 35 minutes after, still no sign of him.

I wanted to get the 'discussion' done and over so I can get my sanity back on. I was daydreaming when I saw him standing on my peripheral vision looking at me - assessing. I beamed and greeted him. All of my annoyance now out off the window. How magnanimous am I?

"You look sexy on your clothes."

I rolled my eyes, hidden behind my smoky aviator shades. I dismissed his flattery by saying that I'm not really that sexy. Honestly, I didn't know that wearing a decent length shorts (okay, it's a little above the knee), a white t-shirt, with blazers on can be sexy considering the fact that that get-up is my usual get up: a walking shorts, comfy t-shirt, blazers, and walking shoes. How can it be sexy?

So there he sat on the couch besides mine, with a cute smile plastered on his face. Hello, Leah? Get hold on yourself. I shook my head and firmly remembered that I should not give in, that that smile can be dangerous.

Indeed it was.

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