Saturday, March 31, 2012

143: Wanted: Car

I need a car.
vroom, vroom 

This thought suddenly came when I realized how hard it was to commute going to this particular dermatology clinic at Alabang. Going there is hassle, leaving there was more hassle. After I got my face pricked and cleaned, my sister and I realized that the mode of transportation we both have is to ride a jeep. The thought of riding a jeep right after facial cleaning was horrible. But, unfortunately, it was the only option we had at the moment. So we did.

Car is not exactly a luxury because it can come very handy in some cases. I'm not exactly a car enthusiast. I love commuting because I can relax while waiting for the bus to stop on my destination. It also frees me from gas and toll worry. So the thought of getting a car was not exactly appealing to me.

However, as I grow little by little, and the places I go to no longer consist of two points, the need of a car arises. I'm telling you it's not the fact that I wanted luxury but rather the convenience of having the means to go to certain places without worrying about make-up melting, about available seats, what next to ride to get certain place, pollution, about sweating excessively before getting to the location, and the list goes on.

To say, we have a car but my father owns it; and it's not really advisable to use his car just because first, he gets a little too jumpy on idea of us borrowing his car. Second, I believe he thinks that we are going to get the car few scratches. Besides, I never really like borrowing my father's stuffs. Hence, borrowing is out of the subject.

But it's fine. I believe that I can get myself a car. I can do it. I can do this. How easy can it be?

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