Monday, March 19, 2012

138: The bus that hasn't arrived yet.

Where the hell is the bus?

There's really no point to be alarmed of the fact that I am 23 with no boyfriend nor with any potential serious suitors (flings are not included as serious suitors, :p lol).

No, really. I'm in no hurry to find one. I have set my priorities to enjoy myself at the meantime and make myself better. But it would be a hypocrisy to say that I never felt any jealousy or envy towards my friends who are in a serious relationship or are currently in relationship. I have my own longings too. I wanted to have what they have, but thinking about it makes me realize that relationship is the last thing I need at the moment.

To say, I am still in the point where I am enjoying 'life' and making myself better. I think it's all God's doing why there are no potential guys lurking around. He knew better than me. He knew that I tend to get too emotional and might get involve with someone pre-maturely, thus destroying His well-laid plans for me.

Well, I am incredibly patient, and I believe in His plans. The bus hasn't come yet, but I know deep inside that it will come in the right time, with a seat specially vacant just for me.

For this entry, I give you this feel good music by Des'ree entitled - You Gotta Be

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