Saturday, March 3, 2012

133: A Visit From Sister and an Impromptu Beach Get Away

There was quite a lot of things that have happened for the past few weeks. First, my sister arrived from Singapore. I took a leave in the office so I could savor the days she spent at home. During the time that she was here we spent nothing but talk about business, success, happiness, and God. I - seriously, seriously love love talking to my sister about this stuff; because it makes me feel wiser and humbled. I love how she continues to nurture me with her wisdom and her faith. I love how we talk because talking to her about dreams, ambitions, and plans stimulates me and makes me realize how possible it is.

I have have a wonderful relationship with my sister. She and I have been each other's confidante, and each other's best friends. She's my anchor in this world. ☺

To give you an idea, my sister is a helluva ambitious. So during those time we have been planning our future success in life. lol.

During our "planning" session @ UCC cafe

My sister did not stay long and had to go back to Singapore, but not until we found myself an insurance company to invest in, help me understand some things in financial world, had our facials together, dined out, and had lectured me of my relationship with God. It was indeed fun. 

She have left last Feb 26, 2012. *sigh*

Next, my friends and I had an impromptu beach get away last Feb 28, 2012. My friend, Joy had texted me Feb 26, 2012. I have ignored it because it seems a little too hasty. I thought that the plan was too unplanned and realized the likeliness that it wouldn't happen. But then last Feb 27, 2012 she made a follow-up text literally begging me to go with her -- not to disappoint her because she has to bathe in a salt-walter because of her skin - condition which is a Psoriasis

I was waiting for mr. FA when she texted me. I was titillated because I like the idea of hitting the beach, and her statement "I wanted to relieve some stress too" beguiled me. So I texted some friends and passed the invitation. It was unfortunate that four of my girl friends were not able to join us because they have work. But we were glad that we were able to push through with our plans. Here our pictures:

The past few days had been really packed for me. I met with few people to deal business with, hangout with my friends, and literally go-nuts with the whole idea of investments and future planning. I love learning, discovering, and doing new things. It excites me how much I didn't know about the world. 

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