Saturday, March 17, 2012

137: Do the Inevitable

"Open your legs wider".

I looked up at the ceiling as I widen my legs apart. I bit my lips due to nervousness while I muttered "Good Lord" to myself. So this is it. This is how the process I have to undergo to cure the irregularity of my period. It has been a long battle of hormonal imbalance that I decided to take an action.

This post, however, is not about my hormonal imbalance nor how awkward the whole test I had taken.

But this is the post where I wanted to share the importance of taking an action and battling procrastination.

It was 2:30 in the afternoon. I just slept for 4 hours after my 5AM shift. I got home around 7 AM, slept and woke up by 11:30AM. I retried sleeping around 1:30 PM and decided that I will wake up 2:30 PM -- in time for my appointment.

Believe me, 2:30 PM with the scorching heat of the sun and my lack of sleep, I was battling with procrastination. What I wanted to do during that time is to lie down on my bed and gain back the lost and lack of sleep that I have. However, I told myself that it's important that I attend my appointment now. It's important for me not to delay.

Even though I was so lazy, I told myself that there's really no difference if I do it now or later, either way I would end up doing it. So why don't I just do it now instead? This is one of my wake up thoughts that lead me to make an action.

I realized that if I have to do the inevitable, I should just do it as early as I can so that inevitable can be easily done.

You, my faceless reader, should also do the same. If there are things you have to accomplish, things you will be eventually doing, do it as early as you can either way you'll be doing it.


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