Sunday, August 5, 2012

161: Taking that Leap of Faith

I have to be honest that uncertainty scares me. I worry when I am faced with the thought that things might not workout the way I hope it will be, and the fact that I may not be able to undo things scares me. But this time, I have to beat that fear. I have to give opportunity chance, even if there's a chance of losing too. I have to look beyond my fears and concentrate of what I will gain.

You know, giving opportunity a chance is one of the 30 things that I need to start doing to myself. It seems easy to do. But now that I am already in that moment, I realized how hard it is to experience that idea. But I need to give this a chance. I cannot let it go and wonder in the future what life could have been if I took that step.

Reading that quote from Michael Jordan, inspired me. I think despite of how unsure I am of what the future holds I need to do it. I have to remember that this is essential for my own growth. Besides, I believe that God is with me to guide me. I also know that He lead me to this path, thus I must believe on His plans.

So I'm taking that leap, and leave the rest to faith.

To uncertainty. Je Suis Prest. I am ready.

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