Tuesday, October 4, 2011

87: Writer's block.

I had been diminishing. As time goes by my writing skills has been slowly withering; like a tree going to an autumn phase. Seeing my entries this year was disappointing compare to my previous years. During those times, writing had been a sole companion. A loyal and encouraging reader. But now, I felt like a stranger to my own journal. 

The feelings that I want to write about becomes a struggle. There would be times that I would find myself having a hard time composing. I don't know what's happening but recently ... it had always been like that. 

I am becoming more and more frustrated with writing because I no longer write like how I used to. If before, I felt running towards my journal. Now, I feel like running away from it. Now, writing is becoming a task that I am compelled to do, rather something I am free to do. 

There was no one to blame in my shortcoming but myself. I hope I can go back.

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