Sunday, October 16, 2011

94: A Feast of No One

Today we celebrate the feast of our patron. 10 years ago, celebrating feast had been a chaos (in a good way). There are street dancings, bands, majorettes, tourists, and etc., the cacophony of the street noise would never fail to make you feel that it is indeed a celebration.

But as they say, things change. Today, as we celebrate the feast our street is not packed with tourists' cars. There are no street noise, no dancing, no singing., It would seem that people had outgrown the tradition.

10 years ago, we would have our relatives coming over. Today, we only had our grandmother's sister visiting. She did not even bother to stay long. I guessed that she had stayed only in courtesy to my father. Last year, none of his relatives came and he outraged at them saying that he had prepared for them yet they did not bother to come. He felt snubbed.

It did not bother me that we did not have many visitors or there are no street parties, but I wouldn't deny that it made me sad to think how others had gone indifferent to a day where everyone in the family get together, thank the patron, and have a good time.

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