Monday, October 10, 2011

88: Menage.

Menage/Erotica are my guilty pleasures. I wanted to understand how could anyone get into this kind of sexual lifestyle. But so far as erotica is concern what really beguiles me is the menage. I guess ... menage is just taking pleasure to higher level. Observing and imagining how the pleasure can be brought by having two partners giving/receiving pleasures is just overwhelming. I guess that's why some prefer it. Can love exist? --- I'm not entirely sure but I'm skeptical. That's why when the heroine/hero (1st person), talks about being in love I couldn't help but roll my eyes because it felt like s/he was more in lust rather than in love.

When menage takes place, for me, it's all about lust. Gratifying the lustful side of one's self. Why? Well you are receiving pleasure from two person. Not exactly the spell binding, outpouring love between a couple that needs to be released physically.

I'm a romantic/passionate person thus this is why menage never appeals to me. Three is a crowd. It will never be romantic.

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