Sunday, August 5, 2012

162: My Life in Pictures

The past few weeks my life has been smooth. *sigh* reminds me that for the next week my life will turn into a different degree. *sigh* I do not know what awaits me, but I'm ready. *sigh*
  • My Friend, Raisa - Raisa is one of the awesomest person there is. She had been the person I run to when I have plans. I share my plans with her because she’s a very positive person. But despite her positivism, she always mocks my ability in executing my plans. Thus, by her continuous challenges, it pushes me to prove to her that I can put my plans into action.
  • Plans, Plans, Plans - I have been reading and planning, reading and planning. I need to make something substantial in this life. I just cannot go on in this life earning salary and buying material stuffs. I have to do something. I need to do something other than work and other than for myself.
  • The curious pencil cases - While Raisa and I were in the mall, Raisa told me to make a pencil case, design just like what’s in the picture. She told me that I can do just as better. She even suggested that we research on how we could make a business by making cute designs. *sigh*, soon my dear friend.
  • Hello Sweets! - Have I mentioned that I have a weakness for cupcakes and sugar filled pastries? lol.
  • Doodle on all papercups! - Oh man, papercups are best canvas to doodle on. lol. I enjoyed doodling there. :* I might take home few cups and watercolor them too. lol!
  • In progress - I have been trying to improve my watercoloring skills. Give me few more months and I’ll get it right. 

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