Sunday, August 19, 2012

166: Setting Goals on Fire

eek. I am so sleepy. The past few days had been really draining. There were many things to finish, many things to accomplish, and many things to plan. But I am happy that I was able to get a very long sleep yesterday. I felt restored. Now, I had a very long day. I still need to finish a couple of things then I am set to snooze. I still feel tired despite all the long sleep.

Anyway, the past few days had been interesting as most of the people I know are concern about what they want to happen in their life. There are those people who can see clearly what they want to happen. Then, there are those who goes on in this life taken by the waves (of life).

If you'd ask me, I'd say that I am one of those people who set goals. To begin with, I love setting goals. The reason why I love setting goals is because I learned that living and achieving these goals gives me direction of what I want in life. Goals leads me to the path of my dreams.

Honestly, when I had graduated in college I thought that the world was one big table of foods served buffet, and since there was a lot of things to choose from it gets baffling. But when I sorted out what I want to be and where I wanted to be in the next few years, it had led me to the path where I am right now.

In my experience, setting goal can be tough. Achieving self-goals takes a hard work. It's a hard work because it takes disciplining myself to stay committed to it. It takes courage not to stop even though I failed too many times. It takes guts to continue when it seems there's no reason to go on. But daydreaming of the rewards was my ultimate reason why I should continue and fight back.

I never knew the importance of goals until I realized to myself that it was leading me to the path I wanted. If I did not recognize its importance and just lived where life would take me, I will be floating in the waves led by how life will take me. And that's something I do not want to happen.

So set goals well, live the life you wanted, and stay committed to it.

To achieving our goals!


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