Wednesday, August 8, 2012

163: What do you want?

Have you thought about what you really want?

It's saddening that sometimes we are forced to do or live with what's practical than what we really love. I am not exempted of this, for I also live with the fact that I am doing something that was expected of me rather than of what my heart really desires. It's saddening and depressing. I wish I had taken a different path and was brave enough to stand on my passion. But I certainly believe that it's not too late. I am still clinging to my hope that I will be able to execute my plans one day.

But now, despite of the fact that I am not where I hope I am ... I'll live doing it (my passions), continue practicing until I have built a strong foundation that I can travel that path where I want to be. 

Anyway, besides that it has been raining quite horribly for the past few hours and it's really really frightening. I pray that the rain to stop pouring. Stay safe and dry everyone!

*sniff,* go away rain

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