Thursday, September 1, 2011

65: !RANT: Die with the T

Okay, gaddamnit. I am writing my frustration towards dieting. Dieting is actually a word die with a "t" in the end. You have to die losing that gaddamn pounds.

I am the type of person who diets but look simply not losing anything. Though, on a brighter side, I think my flabs are somewhat lessening considering the fact that my jeans are already loosening. hahaha! Anyway what frustrates me is the fats on my back.

It never seems to lessen!

While I was using my laptop and my brother was lounging behind me he took notice of a "lump" on my back. He touched it and laughed and said that I have a funny stored fats at my back they almost look like a girl's small boobies.

Small boobies at my back! Horseshit. I have a small breast on my back.

How do you exactly lose that particular fat? Because if I wouldn't lose that fat I might as well wear a bra on my back.

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