Sunday, September 11, 2011

78: Outlander - Character: (Young) Jaime Fraser

If you don't read Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon you will never relate to this post. Anyhow, this is exactly how I picture Jaime Fraser in my head. I just need to see him in kilt and then perfecto! 

If you want to know who is this gorgeous man, his name is Gabriel Aubry; model, was (/is) connected with Halle Berry (father to her child/ren, not sure hahaha). 

*sigh* this whole casting is really just nutty. No one knows if this movie/mini-series will push through yet people at the Diana Gabaldon Fans Group in Facebook had been very adamant in talking about the movie/mini-series' casting. hahaha

Well I must admit it's fun to believe that there will be a movie/mini-series in the future.

Oh well I guess we can all hope. :3

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