Monday, September 5, 2011

72: Room cleaned! ✓

Today is American holiday, thus no work for me. I was happy about it because it means long weekend for me. I have decided to clean my room, since I have free time on my hands. I have been meaning to clean it but I have been procrastinating. I am glad that I was able to push it through today.

It had been quite some time since I have cleaned my drawers; and funny how I have dug some old treasures! Well not really treasures but just some stuffs that I haven't been seeing for a while. Plus, I was able to discover some bills and coins hidden somewhere in my room. I think I retrieved a hundred bucks by just rummaging on my bags and drawers. But what I love most is that: I was able to retrieve my Christmas cards that was sent to me by my friends in livejournal.

After almost three hours of cleaning, I am proud of myself to be able to store back the beauty in my room.


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