Monday, September 5, 2011

71: Book Rant: Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

OMG. http://www.smileycodes.infoI finally have finished it, yet I am not yet ready to move to book #4! You can't imagine what I'm feel right now. Totally mixed emotion: Happiness, longing, and dread. I want to weep. This third installment of the series is where Claire had finally reunited with Jaime after they parted in book #2 (Dragonfly in Amber) .

After 20 years, Claire had learned the Jaime survived the Culloden War thus her decision to return to the stone to go back to him (who the hell wouldn't? I would! I would!)

During the times they were apart, I have shared with them their feeling of sadness and loneliness. I think I can no longer go back to the part where Claire and Jaime had went on to their separate life. It was depressing. It was saddening in deed.

I do not like reading the moments of their separate life because it was really nauseating. Plus, people who gets into their relationship is annoying! But when I got to the point where they reunited, my, sparks fly. I cannot contain my happiness when they got back together! So Happy!

Anyway, the voyager will take your emotions in different heights. I also love the adventure behind and the incredibly surprises and twists and turns. I cannot wait to read the next book but I have to stifle the urge for a while because I want to prolong my reading. I would want to go back reading Outlander again and understand the book more. :)

This is not a disappointment.

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