Sunday, September 11, 2011

76: Should have never watched Insidious

what a bloody idiot.

Well for one, I have watched Insidious; and now I am scared to death to sleep. I really don't like watching horror flicks because it would mean paranoid days and nights for me. After watching a horror film, the feeling I have while watching it stays with me. Worst is, whenever I sleep I end up having bad dreams ~ all connected with the movie I have watched. Thus, I get all jumpy and scared all through out the week.

It's been so very long since I have watched a horror film and I thought I'd give it a try and be reasonable about it. You know, consoling myself not to be afraid because it's just a silly movie after all. But ~ for some damned reason ~ my emotion cannot be controlled. hahaha! I still ended up being paranoid feeling haunted by the ghost in the movie that I have watched.

Oh well I hope can get a grip eventually.

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