Friday, September 16, 2011

80: Book Rant: Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone

omg, first I have to collect my thought. I'm still in spaz.

okay, inhale exhale.

I was skeptical about reading this because someone had left a nasty review on this book that took out all of the enthusiasm I have (okay, remind me not to read reviews again ). But I have tried to read this and thought just to get on with it. So I started earlier in the morning until I realized that I was dragged. The book had dragged me and made me so hook that I spent the last of my 9 hours reading it; and finishing it within the day. ~ I kick arse, ain't I? hahaha.

I love love love how Charlotte Featherstone write. So far with the last two books that I have read I was not disappointed. She brings the emotion in the story. She shares to the reader the depth of the emotions that her characters were feeling. Thus, I couldn't help but share with them what they are going through. I had been angry, sad, happy, just by reading it.

~ I love you Charlotte for being a good author! ~

The characters in the book had so much depth in them that I understood so clearly why they are lead to be that way. It was easy for me to understand them. To sympathize with them because I had understood their character.

What I also love about this book is that it did not tread to the usual historical - romance plot. It had its own twist. It would take you for a ride while clenching your hands against your heart because it's going to be broken ... then mended.

All in all, I recommend this book. If you love a deep -- I mean emotionally deep -- gut wrenching deep historical romance pick this one. It's not a disappointment.

... I want to say something though; damn all the characters who gets in the way for their happily ever after. hahaha!

Well off I go and to read the epilogue!

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