Sunday, September 18, 2011

83: Letter: [T]hen comes oblivion

A letter for him; some parts are omitted.

While trying to gather my thoughts in what I should write to you (and if ever you'll get to read this), I'm currently enjoying red wine from Napa, California while listening to Ray Lamontagne's Trouble CD (I'm currently in Hold You In My Arms track). I always have thought Ray Lamontagne, Michael Buble's songs were a good choice to spend the night lounging and swaying while tipsy. Mind you, tipsy not drunk.

Well I am hoping that after writing this, I could get a dreamless sleep. Thanks to my wine. ;)

The weather here is just perfect. It's not hot, just perfect. It had been raining then and now. So the weather's cool. You'd find the bedsheets cool during the night, and night just smells like an after-washed rain. I think you have mentioned that you had a flu due to your trip to Taiwan, I hope you are well now. Must have been quite hard to be sick traveling.

Well regarding my shift, no. I'm still working late at night. I'm getting used to it anyway. It wasn't pleasant but bearable. [...] Anyway, most of the time during weekends, I would find myself awake early in the morning (like 2 AM) just because I was asleep during day time but I find night time very comforting. Everything is too quiet; almost had reminded me that peace is probably just like that.

About my nude drawings, well I'm getting the curves of the body but has never perfected the face of the person. I sort of wanted to exclude the head and just the body because it ruins the drawings. But probably a few more practice, I'll be good. I'm using pencil, colored pencil, and oil pastels btw. You know, I like having colors, smudges on my hands. It felt so ... sexy. I don't know but there's something so very enticing in drawing a nude picture, completing it and knowing that I have made it with my own hands and seeing the traces left on me.


Well I hope to hear from you soon. I hope you get to read this and have not this buried on your junk mail because I'd be disappointed. *sigh* Anyway, I'm happy for your dog. Let your dog have a great life. She'd love you for it. *wink*.

Before I end this, I'm currently listening on Luther Vandross' Superstar and half finished on my drink. 10 minutes after this, I'll be on the bed lying, after 30 minutes of staring on the ceiling -- thinking what you are probably doing by the very minute; then comes oblivion.


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