Monday, September 19, 2011

84: ALDO: Watch and Earrings [set]

I have a current accessory obsession store: ALDO.

I think what I love about ALDO is that its accessories are affordable yet very elegant and fashionable. I should have posted this few days ago but I was a bit busy, so yes this is quite an overdue post. teehee. What I have bought are a set of earrings and a watch set that has different color straps to suit my dress/clothes theme.

Their set of earrings (that are not dangling) are quite limited though, I am hoping they will have a new stock coming soon. I'm not really fond of dangling so this is the only one that had tickled my fancy. Suffice.

have been browsing in ALDO and I cannot go wrong with their accessories; with a reasonable price and with a elegant style what else should I look for? I'm not disappointed with what I have browsed and I'd absolutely would like to go back and have my accessories bought there.

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