Sunday, August 14, 2011

53: Setup for a date

I don't know whether to post this or not as I know this blog is available for everyone to read. I am only a little hesitant because I am afraid this might be read by this person I am going to go out with.

Note: To the guy I am going to go out with I meant no offense.

Last week I was setup with a date with someone I barely knew. I know the guy by name but hardly knew anything about him. People say that he's nice -- which I think he is. So since I was already setup in the date I thought why not just give it a chance? Maybe it wouldn't hurt to go out with him. Why not just enjoy it?

So I agreed and he agreed as well. But what really boggles me is the fact that he seem not to be into it. I was sort of expecting that he would take an effort to communicate with me to make sure how things will go in this date. But he seems not to be interested at all.

Ever since my officemate had set it all up, I was the one doing the asking and taking the step to communicate. My officemate said that he's shy but seriously, the shyness is not doing anything. It's even starting to get into me. I wanted to back out already because doing all the approach made me feel desperate to go out with him when I'm not.

It was a little off-putting in my opinion when I'm doing all the effort to take a step. I wish he would meet me half-way. If it's his shyness that's keeping him from making a step then I'd say that it's not doing him a favor. He's losing a point. He's giving me an impression that he does not care at all.

The indifference and shrugging off was really a turn off. In my opinion, since he had agreed to go out with me at least he should show a little effort -- even if reluctantly. If he's uncomfortable or did not really want it, he should have said so when I asked him if he really wants to go out.

But we haven't got into the dating part yet so he might redeem himself. I'll give him a chance. Oh good heavens, I am praying that he's not going to blow this one into different proportions because I don't want this one to end up in all unpleasantness.

Please let it be good.

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