Saturday, August 20, 2011

57: Annoyed @ 7 AM

There's something so incredibly annoying today.

Have you have that feeling when you wake up you have that haunch that something is not right? I crunched my nose upon waking up and thought dreadfully that it's Saturday. Now here comes the uncertainty again; that feeling of not knowing what will happen.

I have dreaded the day because yet again I was embarrassed with myself.

Why did I even ... why did I ever agree to such conundrum? To such terrible headache and trouble? Well at least now maybe I can say what had Carrie Bradshaw had said ...

"I'll think of him fondly as an .......".

Am I bitter? No, really just embarrassed by the fact that I was hang up. hahaha.

Oh well, time to pull up that Miranda Priestly "I don't give a damn" hand shake.

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