Saturday, August 27, 2011

61: "Incredibly incredible"

Incredibly, incredible.

That's what I usually say when something surpassing happened and incredibly incredible is just an apt expression for how fast the weekdays had passed. Believe me, when Monday came I was looking forward to weekend already. My colleague laughed at me and said that our Monday hasn't started yet and there I was already hoping for the weekdays to end.

Who can blame me anyway when weekend seem to pass me by without me feeling it. And what made me say so? Well it's because my weekends were spent with me sleeping in my room, trying to make up for my lack of sleep. So Saturdays and Sundays does not last long for me.

I blurted incredibly incredible earlier when I realized that weekdays had passed in the blink of an eye. It seems one day I was hoping it would then then there I was already hurrah-ing in my room because it's finally weekend. I can now go back to doing stuffs that I love. Indulging to things that I could not enjoy while on weekdays.

Anyhow for this weekend what I am looking forward to is the following:

1. Reading
2. Watching
3. Buying stuffs
4. Designing my header
5. Indulging by buying Whitehat

Let's just hope that I may be able to do it! :)

HAHAHA! I realized how shallow my post is. :P

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