Sunday, August 21, 2011

60: Movie: Conan the Barbarian: “I live, I love, I slay, and I am content.”

So I watch this today with my friends. I have been waiting for this in our cinema since the first time I heard of this. I have been in love with Jason Momoa when I started watching Game of Thrones. When I knew that he has this upcoming movie, I knew that I will be watching it.

Then the wait it is over.

I never did doubt that Jason can do good for Conan because he did great as Khal Drogo. And I was not surprised to see that he had brought the same life in this movie as much as he did in the t.v series.

This Saturday was really planned for my friends and I to attend the mass in Victory. They told me that attending the mass is uplifting but plans changed as we realized that one of my friends is not heading there.

So what happened was we ended up going to the mall and watching Conan (among other things).

The movie was gory. It has a lot of scenes that made me flinch. So if you're the type of person who's skittish towards blood and gory scenes, I think this is not for you. But if you think you have the heart of an epic - action pack movie then go for it.

The actors/actresses in the movie was great. Hands down to them. Jason Momoa as Conan was believable. I adore him doing this kind of film because it seems perfectly fitting for him. The dialogue was a little cheesy, but can be shrugged off. The romance felt a little rushed. However, I might say that Rachel and Jason had a spark. I just hope that the development of their romance was downright visible and not just an attraction happen after few days together.

The film was bereft because it made me feel like the film was playing through fast forward track. They could have developed more in the sequencing of the events. However despite this seemingly fast pace of the plot it was entertaining.

I have never seen the original Conan so I can never make a comparison but if I would think if this movie deserves to have a sequel, I'd say yes. I'm saying yes not because I am biased to Jason but because the film was totally worth it for part 2. It was entertaining enough for me to crave to see what would happen next. Plus, the feeling that this movie was rushed -- can still be cured.

Rating: 4/5

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