Wednesday, August 17, 2011

55: Battling With Over Indulgent Self

Let's face it. Exercising for someone who's not so used of exercising is tiresome. It's not so appealing for someone who's over indulgent; and for someone who only cares about not stressing themselves of having to use those stored fats.

However, sometimes something needs to win over.

This time I have to battle with my over-indulgent self.

I just came from a 9 hour shift and an hour ride home so exercising was not on my top list. What I really wanted was to have my breakfast and sleep. FAST ASLEEP. Or probably because I am a book junkie, grab the book that I am currently reading while waiting for sleep to take over. However, I have been nagging myself to lose some weight because I have to reach this normal weight for my height. So even though my over-indulgent self was telling me not to, I have to bully it to submission. The only way to get over it is to convince myself of my target and of what I aim to goal.

Believe me, for the whole time I was exercising all I can think about was reaching the end. Though, I must admit that I was just forcing myself to finish the whole exercise, I was able to finish it. HAH. So yeah, even though I was thinking of procrastinating and stopping -- I didn't. I'm glad I won over myself. Giving up just made me not to.

You know sometimes the greatest enemy we have is ourselves. We need to get better of ourselves because if we don't, we would succumb to the things that we really do not want.

Determination and perseverance is the answer.

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