Sunday, August 14, 2011

54: Holding On

Back November last two years ago when I fell in love with this guy. I may not have been thinking about him as constantly as I used to but I know deep inside that he held a very important space in my heart.

He had been with me through my worst. He stayed when others would have left. He was the one who almost touched my heart.

But due to distance, our relationship was not able to survive that long.

Our relationship lasted for 7 months. Though it ended, I wouldn't say that it went down the drain. We settled as friends when we came to the point that we knew that the relationship was not working.

Up until now we've kept our communication. I am happy that we ended up as friends because probably if we have kept our relationship we would end up hating each other.

I still have hopes for us to be together. I know it's all about right timing and patience. I know if one day if we are both still available and we meet then probably we'll take our relationship to different level. But for now I want us to be friends. At least when we come to that point, we already have a better understanding of each other.

*sigh* writing about this actually makes me miss him more. </3

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