Monday, August 29, 2011

63: "What a shame"

What a shame.

I could not help but say this to myself when I ended up scrolling my friend's Goodreads profile. Actually I was not pertaining to her but I was implying that to myself. Recently, I had been indulging in more of an erotica book. It's embarrassing that I take pleasure in reading it.

Actually, I got hooked in reading Kate Pearce Simply series without meaning to. I've bumped into her 1st book Simply Sexual by accident. Just because I need a diversion I thought of giving it a chance. For all I know after reading that book I ended up picking book 2, book 3, book 4, up until now I'm reading book 6 of the series. I got hooked that I ended up delaying my reading on other books.

I'm an open-minded, liberal, non-squemish person so though the book was not for faint hearted, I did not have a problem getting into it. By means some of the book in the series already falls under sadomasochist category, I still continued on.

What compels me about the story is its treading to the darker shade of sexuality. I have read books that treaded into soft porn but this book is just way beyond of my boundaries. The books' recipe has romance but encasing the deep sexual activities in further chapters. Sex plays a huge part in the story where as the plot actually is just a cover.

I have muttered "What a shame" when I realized that as of late, I have gotten more more into this kind of book. It mortifies me when I realized what kind of reader I am. I am not embarrassed that I love romance/historical-romance book. But books that falls under erotica to sadomasochist book ~ however ~ makes me feel that I am becoming perverted and (a little) ~ shallow ~.


But at least I've got my wake up and realized that I should get back to reading books that has substance.

*palm face*

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